Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alignment Major Station – Different Viewport Scales

Sometimes you may have two viewports in a drawing showing the same alignment but you want to show major station labels at different intervals in each viewport. For instance the major station labels on the right in the picture below appear to close together.


Now we could use two different major station label sets and use layer control to hide the unwanted labels in each viewport, but if your like me you’ll end up messing it up and loosing track of what layers should be on or off. We can use the same concept in my last post with hide negative values to perform the same task. For this task I’m creating an expression which checks the Drawing Scale Conversion and checks to see if the station value is divisible by 300 since I want the major station interval to be every 300’ in the right viewport.

To do this I’m using the expression capability to evaluate an AND statement, the highlight portion of the expression below.


If the expression evaluates as true, meaning the drawing scale conversion is less than 1200 AND the station value is divisible by 300 a positive Station value is returned. If not a negative Station value is returned. By replacing the Station value with the expression in the major station label and set it to hide negative values we get the results shown below.


No need to keep track of layers, just a need to modify the expression to get it to work.


Lisa Pohlmeyer said...

Great tip! I'm going to have a use for this today!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Thanks! Great time saver.


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