Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another AU Proposal

Class Title: An Amateur's Guide to the Civil 3D API

Class Type: Lecture

Class Description:

Learn the basics of the Civil 3D API utilizing .net (vb & c#) from a fellow amateur programmer. Learn the steps on how to get started creating your own custom routines. We’ll take a look at what can be stumbling blocks on completing routines.  We’ll take a look at the best places to find example code, answers to  your programming questions and more. We’ll take a look at publically available source code and how to modify it to create new routines, because starting from scratch is no fun.

Class Length: 2 Hour

Primary Track: Civil Infrastructure

Audience Experience Level: Advanced

Key Learning Objectives 1: Learn the basics of programming

Key Learning Objectives 2: Find the best places to find sample code and answers to your questions.

Key Learning Objectives 3: Learn some of the pitfalls of learning how to use the Civil 3D API.

Key Learning Objectives 4: Learn how to modify existing publically available source code.

Key Learning Objectives 5: How to convert Civil 3D VBA samples to .net.

Target Audience: Any beginning amateur programmer looking to learn how to get started using the Civil 3D API.

Primary Autodesk Software: Civil 3D, AutoCAD

Class Keyword 1: vb.NET

Class Keyword 2: c#.NET

Class Keyword 3:Programming

Class Keyword 4: Civil 3D API

Class Keyword 5: Sample Code

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge on how to use Civil 3D. The skill to use the world wide web.

1 comment:

Earl Kubaskie said...

I'll give it a vote. And if it makes the cut I'll be in the class.

Good luck & hope to see you there.


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