Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Custom Bench Subassembly

I haven’t had much time to remind you to vote for your favorite AU #2010 video. Cast your votes for any you like, but I’d prefer that you vote for my AU video entitled AUVideoLong (Contest Entry fredbobchris).

I’ve been busy creating a custom bench subassembly. The subassembly includes a swale at the bench and the ability to target a profile elevation for the centerline. After targeting the first bench the rest are spaced based on the max fill or cut height specified for the subassembly. Here’s some screen shots of what I’ve done so far.




And finally a top view of the corridor, if you look closely you can see the benches don’t follow the roadway, but are placed based on the profile target elevation.


1 comment:

Josh Nelson said...

Looking good Chris! I think that looks very useful.


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