Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delving Deeper: Mastering the Autodesk® Civil Visualization Extension

Deeper Concepts

  • Object Library Categories, stored in Resource Kits. The files are stored in there in the appropriate file. The ini is the parameter for the max file to get object settings.
  • Resource Kit Manager to add items to a kit or modify them.
  • Materials assigned in the file or allow Dynamite to assign materials with material IDs.
  • Move the pivot point to the ground level, center of the vehicle.
  • In the XZ plane the vehicle needs to be facing you.
  • Make sure the transformation is reset to make the current one is normal, Dynamite will ignore any translations, rotations or scaling.
  • Negative values make the vehicle go backwards to the direction of the shape to track.
  • Exporter configuration file can be changed.
    • Textures are assigned by u and v direction, u is normal to the object and v is tangential. (U-Tile, V-Tile)
    • U-Tile value of -1 indicates how many times it’s repeated across the link.
    • Using subassembly Type it will apply across multiple links.
    • ID is the material type.
    • Negative ID will flip the materials.

Optimizing Mental Ray

  • Think of visualization as a photographer (Set the settings for exposure)
  • May need to change the exposure control (EV) from the one Dynamite VSP uses.
  • Final gather lets you get indirect illumination.
  • Anti-aliasing will give better precision for viewing objects, say in Min 1 to Max 16
  • Soft Shadow Precision, blur affect on shadows. Higher values for long shadows, esp. for lots of shadows.
  • Glossy Reflection Precision probably isn’t needed for a infrastructure scene, probably use a smaller precision to get quicker rendering (Not all the way down).
  • Glossy Refraction Precision, lower it down to get down.
  • Look at slides to get the differences in render times. Shows the difference in quality and render time comparison.
  • Use difference values for still images and animation.
  • For animation render the final gather first and then the objects, not quite clear on this, need to look at the paper for the class.
  • Daylight system can add clouds, steps in handout.

Rendered Output for Design Analysis

  • Sight Checker, can see how far an object can be seen. More of a test to visually prove the design works. Not really a design tool.

Object Paint in 3ds Max Design

  • Tool to add trees to a scene.

Wrap up and 3D Movie

  • Can do a 3D movie, need to look on the web for links to create them.

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