Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Autodesk AEC Media Day 2011–Morning

Expanding BIM

Presented by Jay Bhatt

AEC industry is starting to recover, even though there are still additional recovery on the macro100_1332[9] economic level. Autodesk AEC didn’t downside on the computer science and development side during the downturn. This translates into Autodesk being positioned with a wide range of products in the AEC space.

Autodesk feels that 3D models help in coordination, efficiency and accuracy in designs. Revit provides a tool for early design as well as bring it through the design. A focus is on bringing the process of energy analysis to work through the entire process, inferring that the current process waits till the end. Another focus is on expanding the workflow to using laser scanners to bring data into the Revit model to speed the process of bringing in existing data.

The building side (construction) is to remove the waste in construction and bring it into the profit side of the ledger. Look at the design side.

Jay admits he was wrong that Civil side wants BIM. Wow, I really shut off when I see a rendered picture saying it came out of Civil 3D. A ton of objects where are added in 3DS MAX, such as railing, street lights, rock rip slope, water surface, etc.

ADSK 2012 Design Suites

Changes the way customers will interact with Autodesk. The top 3 benefits that users may see:

  1. Reduced cost, to get products.
  2. Improve compatibility between products.
  3. Ability to easily manage product updates.

Creating a compelling offer for AEC Customers through:

  • Flexibility to Innovate
  • Economical & Convenient
  • Comprehensive & Sophisticated.

Three suite editions, Standard, Premium and Ultimate.

  • AutoCAD Based Design (Standard)
  • BIM for Building or Infrastructure (Premium)
  • Simulation (Ultimate)

Collaboration and Data Management

Managing information to get 360 degree of products.

Autodesk BIM 360 for AEC management to manage project information to provide an accurate view.

Three levels of capabilities needed.

  1. Viral Team Collaboration/Communication
  2. Project (On-demand project collaboration)
  3. Enterprise (Scalability for the enterprise)

Vault Collaboration AEC, Buzzsaw, WS, Project Bluestreak, Design Review, Navisworks.

Vault Collaboration

  • Project-Based workflows
  • Design Tool integration
  • Scalability
  • Cloud and Mobile

Help with bringing the product up to speed quickly instead of waiting months to get previous systems up to speed. Complimentary to the suites.

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