Tuesday, April 05, 2011

BIM for Infrastructure


Help work with construction of a project in addition to the delivery of a project. BIM in action videos regarding BIM in infrastructure.

Infrastructure Suite

  • Standard – Planning
  • Premium – Planning, Design and Visualization
  • Ultimate – Construction Simulation

Infrastructure planning based around Map 3D.

Industry Models – To connect different models together (Where, What). With integration of Topobase then we get the How and When added to Map 3D. Topobase doesn’t need Oracle anymore, can use other database engines to use with it to bring it to the desktop level. Provides rules and management to Map 3D.

Roadway modeling, visualization & analysis and collaboration. Civil 3D allows for better corridor modeling allowing different alternatives during a project. SSA is now integrated within Civil 3D to drive analysis without having to send it to another product.

Where we are headed

Electricity Utility Design – Rules oriented design. So everything knows where it should go and how it interacts with everything else. To come out later this year.

Project Galileo – Conceptual look of a project in relation to what is already there using GIS or lidar to model the city in a short amount of time. Took 40 minutes to create a rough model of the city of Boston. Information flow for planning and design.

Infrastructure Planning

Process that precedes the design of a project. Collecting data and come up with alternatives.

Data Access, Industry Models, Analysis.

Can apply styles in an advanced model in Map 3D 2012. Can bring in AutoCAD data into the model and query it or bring it in via a query, but you already knew that right? Right? Makes it easier to bring data together and present it in a pleasing manner to convey information.

Oracle database is now not a requirement, but still may be used. Can now open a DWG with the information a planner would need.

Demo of the software and case where it would be useful. Flow arrows shown for sewer line, can show profile of the pipe in map which shows the information of the pipes and structures. Provides when in the form of when it was installed and when it was last inspected. Can also attach videos of the pipe run. Can show where the sewer overflow happened out of a structure, to help find the cause what happened and what may be causing the overflow. Can visualize the material type, to determine old clay pipes which may be the cause of infiltration causing the overflow.

Better planning with analysis with Storm & Sanitary Analysis with Map 3D. Able to take the GIS data and planned flow from a development to see early in the process if the existing system can handle the new project or know that you have to mitigate flows to not need to upgrade the existing system.

Infrastructure Design

Roadway Modeling – Provide roadway access to the sample project mall. Start with existing data, such as laser scanning. Large surfaces took a long time previously, now with level of detail it is much quicker to select and view.

Creating Alignments from a polyline now improved with the ability to to change the constraints to get stuff to be tangent to each other or not. Alignment entities in Panorama now has tangency constraints column to change. Also has a highlight of entity in model space to let you know where you are.

Superelevation improved to provide different superelevation change points other than the centerline and change the location on the fly without reentering data (in case you made a mistake).

Easier to create and modify the corridor with the three different views when you go into corridor section editor. Now able to set the targets via tooltips within the cross section editor. Multiple baseline information.


Can use Vault Collaboration to share information between groups. Can provide notification when things change or need approval. Integration with Buzzsaw, the files can be sent to other stakeholders. Doesn’t need to manually move them over. When something changes it will sync with Buzzsaw.

Styles management lets you import styles, overwrite or view what isn’t standard in a file. Can use as a quality control method. Can also do a find and replace for styles.

Visualization and Analysis

Available in the Infrastructure Design Suite, everything you need for BIM. BIM for Infrastructure In a Box. Imported files retain their link from Civil 3D to 3DS Max, just need to update what has changed. A new dialog box to export to 3DS Max from Civil 3D. Create a visualization fairly easier and more accessible.

New in Navisworks, the ability to modify the Gnatt chart within the Timeliner without having to go back into MS Project to change the schedule of items. A real life fake demo of using WS. Showing using it to show mark ups on plans in real time to communicate from office to field. Makes it easier to communicate what needs to change in the field or what information is needed from the office to better communicate what information is needed.

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