Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is What

In the last post I provided two expressions. The expressions enable you to show two different precisions in a slope label for a section link from a corridor.

The conditional part of the IF statement checks to see if the Slope value is a single value, for instance 2:1, 3:1, etc. If it the first expression is true it will return the absolute value of the slope. If not the value returned is –1. The second one does the exact opposite and would be used when the slope value needs to be shown to one or more places, for instance 2.5:1, 1.5:1, etc.

Add a label component for the link and add both expressions to it, making sure to hide negative values and use the appropriate precision values. This will ensure only one slope value is shown. You can then have the labels show 3:1 and 2.5:1 in the same label without having multiple code set styles. It also eliminates the steps of assigning the correct ones.

As mentioned in the previous post you will lose the ability to have a – sign in the value. It would be really nice if Civil 3D included the option to hide positive values so we could have the ability to include it.

If you ever do get to provide input regarding labels, make sure to ask that decimal, station character outputs honor the hide negative value. There’s a bunch of other cool things that could be accomplished if it did.

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