Thursday, September 29, 2011

Curb Attachment Points and Flip

So you want to create a curb in Subassembly Composer and let it have multiple attachment points. One way I’ve done it is to create a variable called Flip. The Flip variable will let me adjust the X offset direction. I use the enumeration of this previous post to get the placement the user wants. I then use the enumeration to determine if the Flip value should be positive or negative. I then multiply the X offset value by Flip. This will provide me a way to mirror the curb that I’m creating easily. So I don’t have to build the curb twice depending on the enumeration.

To get the curb in the correct location I use variables called dX and dY. I then use the enumeration again to determine what the dX and dY values should be. I then create my P1 using those values. If it’s the lip of the gutter then I can set dX and dY equal to 0. If it’s back of curb, then I put in the appropriate values to get P1 in the correct location to get the back of curb at the origin when the curb is built in the subassembly composer.

Want an example of how this is done? Then purchase the Caltrans A87A Curbs subassembly from the Civil Reminders App store. It will also show how you can combine all of the curbs and gutters from one agency into one as well as show how the dX, dY and Flip work.

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