Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SAC-Output Parameters

When creating a subassembly using Subassembly Composer the hardest intellectual thing is knowing if I should use Output Parameters. It’s not hard in creating them, it’s hard in knowing if another subassembly that you have or haven’t thought of yet will need a value from your subassembly. An output parameter essentially lets you provide information of your subassembly to another subassembly other than the point of attachment. For instance you could provide a slope of the roadway pavement as an output parameter. This might be handy if you wanted to match slopes with a subassembly that does not support superelevation.

To use the output parameters in another subassembly you have to set them from the subassembly properties dialog. Select the parameter you want controlled and then you should be able to select an output parameter of a subassembly within the currently attached Assembly.


M. H said...

Is is possible to reuse the output of a subassembly and just print it somewhere (console, contextual comment, annotation...) ?

Christopher Fugitt said...

Yes, you can throw an error and it will go to the event viewer. Or in the Assembly properties you can use it to link to another subassemblies input parameter. You can also use it as a point or link code to be able to show the value in a section view.

Anonymous said...


Christopher wrote:
"You can also use it as a point or link code to be able to show the value in a section view." - can you explain how to do this?

Christopher Fugitt said...

You can assign the error message to a string, and then use that string to assign to a point code or link code.


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