Tuesday, October 01, 2013

HP Grows Designjet T-series

Someone indicated I should post more often. I suspect they where looking for posts less about products and more about Civil 3D. This is a product post. HP recently announced a new product in their large format printers, the HP Designjet T2500. The printer also comes with a fancy term to describe what it does, it is a eMultifunction Printer (eMFP).

HP has produced a slick promotional video showing all of the input they received from users in designing the product.

In addition to getting user input in the design the printer includes a scanner, software to share drawings with others outside the physical location of the printer. I always hated when paper came out in a big mess if the output wasn’t minded periodically. This printer includes an integrated output tray to help collect the results of using the printer.

At $9,895 the printer is targeting the medium to enterprise (fancy word for larger company) companies. That’s way too much machine for me, so don’t expect to see one of these in my office any time soon. You might work for a larger group and might find this product fits your needs.

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