Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wireless 3D Mouse

I’ve been carrying around a Wireless 3D Mouse from 3DConnexion throughout the State of California for the past month or so, hoping to find time to write a review about it. Well I finally found the time toSpaceMouse_iso-right_Receiver-back_trans_0813 write something about it, well I finally have time to procrastinate doing other work.

For some reason my mind associates wireless with mobile. I guess it’s because I use a laptop with a wireless mouse, wireless headphones, and now a wireless 3D mouse. I’m travelling quite a bit and I carry all of these things with me in my travel bag. Now when I first was told about the wireless 3D mouse my thoughts definitely was thinking light and mobile. My expectations were not met, and I found the 3D wireless mouse quite heavy for it’s small size. Now this isn’t a bad thing, it just frames what the device is for in a different manner. In order to use the six degrees of motion, one of them is pulling up on the device to move up in the 3D world or model one is exploring. In order to counteract the force of the user pulling up another force needs to be applied to keep the device planted on the desk or table, or at least that’s what I learned in college. The weight provides for this counter force. For a mobile specific solution you’ll want to check out the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator for Notebooks.

Despite it’s wireless moniker it does come with a wire to facilitate charging of the device. The fob provided is of the Space_Mouse_top_USB-Stecker_trans_0813small type, which is nice in the use of a laptop storing in a bag in that I don’t have to worry too much about breaking it off or having to detach it after use to make sure I don’t loose it. The product exhibits a design that is pleasantly appealing and fits well in the hand. I could see using this device in a presentation setting in exploring a 3D model. The listed specifications is the ability to use the device up to 10 meters (3.24077929 × 10-16 Parsecs) from the fob.  It comes with two mouse buttons on the device.

The 3D navigation performs the same as the other 3D mice in the 3DConnexion line of products and doesn’t replace any of the other products.

As with any wireless device battery if is of paramount concern. The specs indicate a charge lasts up to month with regular use and only takes 2 hours to recharge fully. The USB wire utilizes a micro-USB cable. A replacement fob costs $10 which appears to be Logitech’s/3D Connexion’s standard pricing for them. I usually purchase two of them after I loose one of them.

If I was in the market I’d definitely purchase this 3D Mouse due to my not currently having a permanent desk. If I wasn’t clear in the opening paragraph I received this 3D Mouse from 3DConnexion (and all of the other 3D Mice I’ve reviewed) free of charge. If you want to make this more profitable for me, use these links to purchase one from Amazon:

Wireless 3D Mouse
SpaceNavigator for Notebooks
SpacePilot Pro

So far I’ve had total earnings of $0.00 from the Amazon Associates program over about five years.

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