Friday, February 22, 2008

MapClean at a Press of a Button

Map clean is a great tool for cleaning up parcel lines to ensure you parcel linework is good before you turn it into parcels in Civil 3D. If you want to make the process even quicker you can add the command to a toolbar.

To do this first go through the mapclean command and set all of the setting you want to run. Then press save in the lower left hand corner. Save the mapclean profile in a location that is good for you.

Next go into the cui and create a toolbar to place a button. Create a new command and place it on a toolbar (new or existing it's your choice). Next type in the Macro contents. The macro should have the format similar to this: ^C^C-mapclean;c:/a.dpf;

Note that the backslash is going the wrong way. The -mapclean calls the command, the ; is an enter, and the c:/a.dpf is the name of the profile I saved. When you exit out of cui you should have a one button solution to doing mapcleanup. I would create several commands with the variations of map cleanup that you use.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Christopher. I have used mapclean regular basis fir years now & didnot know I could put my saved settings into a macro command like that.

Thanks a bunch,
John Mayo


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