Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Question - Pipe Inverts in Plan

Mohammad from Canada asks:

I am just wondering if there is any way that I can find inverts along a pipe(not in structure) in plan and label it in plan.I have tried expression tool but I need to know that pipe partial length to make an equation.I appreciate your helping.

I think you are correct that you can't use expressions to do this and there is no Inquiry Tool that would provide you the elevation. There are two work arounds that I think you could use. The first would utilize the concept found in this blog post by Dana:

It would require that an alignment is created along the pipe run and a profile along the invert of the pipe. A station offset label, with reference text to the pipe invert profile, could be used to label the point in question. While not totally dynamic (since you have to move the profile and/or label if the pipe changes) it doesn't require any external tools.

The second method would be to use/create a custom program to create the label at the location you want labeled. The most basic program could label the point in the format you require and not be dynamic. Going more advanced, a program could be written to be dynamic and the label could be programed to automatically be updated when the pipe moved.

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