Monday, August 10, 2009

Navisworks Manage – Selection Sets

In Navisworks Manage you can create Selection Sets. Selection Sets allow you to create a group of objects. You create Selection Sets by selecting objects in the Selection Tree or the Scene Area. The Scene Area is like Model Space in AutoCAD. You can select multiple objects by using the Ctrl key while selecting multiple objects. I’m not quite sure what the Navisworks programmers have against the Shift key, but doing multiple selections in the Selection Tree using the shift key doesn’t work. Within the Scene Area using the Shift key selects the entire model.

Once you select the objects you want, right click in Selection Sets and choose Add Current Selection. This will add a new selection set to the list allowing you to type in a name. You can right click on a selection set and choose delete to erase it. Sometimes you may want to change the selection set, which is possible. Just select the selection set from the list, select the objects you want to add, then right click on the selection set and choose update. Or you can select the objects and then right click on the selection set and choose Add Current Selection.

Selection sets are used in other portions of the program, such as TimeLiner. TimeLiner allows you to show the model being built based on an imported schedule. Here’s a short video.

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