Monday, November 23, 2009

SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

I recently got a SpaceNavigator for Notebooks to try out. The device is designed to be small enough to carry around and as the name implies used for notebooks or laptops.


The device definitely easily fits imageinside my laptop bag and comes with a carrying case to keep the wire from getting tangling up with all of the other stuff I have in there. In order to keep the device in place it has some weight to it. The device weighs in at 0.55#, this is quite a bit lighter than the SpaceNavigator which weighs 1.06#.

I found the device stayed surprisingly in one place as I used it, although sometimes I got a little too enthusiastic and pulled the 3D mouse up. To correct this I adjusted the overall speed of the device to respond to my expectations on how fast the device should move.


The top of the mouse imageis contoured, which I found made it easy to find which direction the mouse should be going. There are also raised lines on the major axes to feel which direction to go. There are two buttons on the mouse that provide some customization. You can assign a command to each button.

Overall I liked the 3D mouse and could see taking the mouse with me on trips where I think I would use it. If I was going to conference where I don’t think I’d bring it along because of the weight of the device.

To get more information on 3D Mouse check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

If your headed to AU look for me on Tuesday where I’ll be giving away a SpaceNavigator mouse, details to follow next week.


Disclosure: I received the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks from 3Dconnexion to try out without cost.

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