Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extract 3DPolyline Vertices to Points

You can extract 3DPolyline vertices to points easily using the points option: Polyline Vertices – Automatic. Select the option from the Home Tab, Points drop down, Create Points – Miscellaneous Polyline Vertices – Automatic. Follow the prompt to select a polyline and then press OK.

You may be prompted for a description for each and every newly created point. For 3DPolylines with numerous vertices it can get a bit tiresome pressing the Enter key repeatedly. To get it to stop use the double arrow dropdown on the Create Points Tools and expand the Points Creation level. Under Prompt for Descriptions change it to Automatic or Automatic – Object. The Automatic option will use the value present in the Default Description and Automatic – Object will use the Default Description. Nothing special is added for 3DPolylines.

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