Thursday, June 10, 2010

Autodesk AEC Headquarters – Waltham, MA

Today I’m Waltham, MA a portion of AEC DevCamp. The first place I visited today was the storm water storage system in the back. Not quite sure why it’s way in the back. I guess they were embarrassed they did not have method to analyze Storm water in their portfolio of products. If I was Autodesk I’d want the storm water storage as visible as possible. As you can see from the picture below it would be barely visible from the inside.

2010-06-10 112

The system appears to consist of inlets and piping conveying water from the roof and parking areas to the storm water storage system. From there it enters a rip rap outlet into a rain garden.

2010-06-10 119

2010-06-10 116

After the rain garden the water flows into a wet storage area through a rip rap covered weir. Unlike in California it appears the facilities are able to store water for long periods of time. In California due to the dry weather facilities typically are required to be empty 2 days after the storm event.

2010-06-10 118

Once the pond fills up water flows into an inlet. If enough storm water exists the water flow through a rip rap lined weir into an adjacent storm water conveyance system.

2010-06-10 106

Here’s some more pictures, my apologies if you have a slow internet connection.

2010-06-10 107

2010-06-10 108


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