Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know nothing about VBA but it seems reasonable…

Microsoft Word has an annoying feature if you use Track Changes, it always shows the comments when a document is opened. It wouldn’t be a problem if you’d be able to print the document without having the document print the comments and tracked changes. This is really annoying if you have to batch print numerous Word files.
A contributor to the blog recently found a work around it using VBA:
From the link above you use the following code in the normal.dotm file.
Sub AutoOpen()
With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowRevisionsAndComments = False
.RevisionsView = wdRevisionsViewFinal
End With
CommandBars("Reviewing").Visible = False '''OPTIONAL: turns off Reviewing toolbar
End Sub

If you’re like me you have no idea how to find the normal.dotm file, well until I was able to find it. To do the work around go to Word Options, Advance tab. Scroll down and press the File Locations button.

Select user templates and press the Modify button.


Copy the folder location then open the normal.dotm file located at the folder location (you may have to change the file type).

Here’s a tricky part, you need to get to the VBA editor, but you probably don’t have the Developer tab enabled. To get to use the Alt+T, then Alt+M, then finally Alt+V. 

Go to Insert and add a Module. In the Module1 copy the code from above. Go back to Word and save the file. Now when ever you open Word the track changes will be turned off allowing you to print with the print options to print the Document only, no track changes. It makes batch printing possible without opening the drawing individually.

Don’t forget why Microsoft has track changes turned on by default, so you don’t send documents to others that has hidden text that you had forgotten about. So keep that in mind if you use this work around.

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