Monday, July 05, 2010

Storm Water Storage

On my recent trip to Boston I came across a new development with the storm water storage for the site in front of the the newly constructed building.

2010-06-10 093

The pond out front appeared to have a fairly complex storm water storage system. It consisted of a large inlet with three pipes that act as weirs controlling how much water flows into the structure during small storm events.

 2010-06-10 083

In larger storm events water is passed through the large grate on top. The size of the grate is probably so large since it is utilizing weir flow to convey the water. It did not appear that the pond was deep enough for the grate to go from weir flow to orifice flow.

2010-06-10 092

The first day I walked past it wasn’t raining, so no water was flowing through the three pipe weirs.

 2010-06-10 089

But on the next day a small storm event occurred, creating a small amount of flow into the structure.

2010-06-10 103

A large pipe drains water from the structure.

 2010-06-10 088

As with any storm water storage device vector control is a concern. For this site predatory animals are used.

 2010-06-10 085

A closer view, he/she looks ready to attack.

2010-06-10 090

Unfortunately the geese appear immune from a perceived threat from the fox.

2010-06-10 091

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