Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New DesignByMany Challenge

At Autodesk University HP announced the DesignByMany website. The site is primarily focused on architectural challenges, although I did post a civil related channel a while back. I recently visited the site and what caught my eye was the most recently sponsored challenge giveaway of a HP DesignJet 111 printer.

I previously did not know a large format printer was available for around $825 ($625 until 3/31/11). While it doesn’t print sizes over 24” in the shortest dimension, it may be an alternative to sending prints out for some smaller offices (like mine). Most of the sizes I deal with are 24x36, so this printer would be perfect that application. Based on the specifications, found on the HP Website, printing at 90 sec/page for black and white isn’t too bad for the price. While I can’t fit the printer in my budget today, I’ll probably take a look at it in the future.

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