Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Case for Custom Subassemblies

Just an Autodesk University class proposal for future reference. Just a few more days

Class Description:

Corridors, assemblies and subassemblies provide a straight forward way to design roadways and other linearly designed projects. Often times when utilizing the out of the box subassemblies the number of regions and targets gets confusing. In this class I’ll provide the case of the use of custom subassemblies to clear the clutter and confusion. The class will also discuss when to start to look at creating custom subassemblies and past projects where custom subassemblies where used to simplify the design process. Finally the steps in creating a custom subassembly will be covered, including how to share them.

Target Audience:

Anyone who has thought there could be a better subassembly for what they are designing.

Key Learning Objective 1: How to create custom subassemblies.

Key Learning Objective 2: How to determine when a custom subassembly would be useful.

Key Learning Objective 3: How to share custom subassemblies.

Key Learning Objective 4: How to get the feature lines to cross the centerline.


michael.robertson said...

Great idea. The information on creating custom subassemblies is scattered. The topic on creating feature lines that cross centerline is a great idea.

Guido said...

Where should I vote for this??
very good idea

Christopher Fugitt said...

Tweet it to @Civil3Diva, she's the proponent for the classes for the Civil Infrastructure Track.


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