Monday, July 11, 2011

Subassembly Composer–Point and Link Codes

You’ve downloaded and installed the Subassembly Composer right? Well if you have you might want to make sure your existing code set styles work with the new subassemblies you are going to be creating. To do this make sure you know where to find the appropriate codes. An easier way than opening up Civil 3D is to use the appropriate .codes file.

For Windows 7 you can find the file in this location:

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2011\enu\

Once opened you will see a list of all of the codes. The codes are comma spaced showing the Index Number, Localized Code, Original Code (USA, USA!), and finally the description. If you live in the US you’ll want to use the file shown above. If you live in another country you will want to use the appropriate file type for you, for the UK you’ll want to use the file.

Now find the code you want to use and then copy and paste it into the Subassembly Composer. This will ensure that your existing Code Set Styles will have the opportunity to work right after you import the subassembly. Otherwise you may spend unnecessary time fixing them. No word on if using the index number will work instead of using the string value, though I suspect they would not work.


If this sounds like too much trouble and you want to offload the work to someone, I’d be happy to provide a quote for the custom subassembly you’d like created.

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