Friday, March 07, 2014

Dell Announcements

Dell recently has been sending out some press release announcements, while I have been busy not putting out blog posts. I figured I would take this opportunity to do a blog post by passing on Dell’s information.

First up is a less expensive mobile workstation dubbed the M2800. It is a 15” screen with a system set up for utilizing AutoCAD (and I’m assuming the verticals). At a base price of $1,199 it hopes to fill the gap between a basic laptop and a workstation. I could see this machine as an away from the office machine that isn’t as bulky as 17” laptop workstation and a desktop at the office. I don’t have a permanent office space, so I’m going to stick with my 17” behemoth of a mobile workstation. More information may be found here and here.

Dell also announced the Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations. This allows Independent Software Vendors (ISV), such as Autodesk, to develop their software and then test it on the virtual workstations. Dell is providing free help for the ISVs to figure out any problems and then get help in solving them. Presumably once all of the kinks are worked out the virtual workstations may then be certified for use. You then could implement them for your company. The benefit of a virtual workstation is the ability to access a fast computer and your data in remote locations using a variety of devices. The benefit for Dell the ability to sell customers a cloud solution they they host. It also allows for the security of the data without having to trust cloud solutions provided by others such as Autodesk.

I see this as the future cloud solution. You create a series of virtual workstations in a central location and then install a version of the Autodesk’s cloud platform on your servers. This removes the big road block in Autodesk’s plan to move all of us to the cloud. Or I could be wrong and Autodesk will fail miserably as we stick to desktop versions because internet connections suck at this time and who wants to be dependent on a link to the outside of your walls to get and use a program and your data. For more information check this link out.

Dell has provided a free trip to me in the past to attend a press event of theirs. I also get invited to SWSX events, which I haven’t had a chance to attend. Maybe next year.

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