Friday, July 25, 2014

Epson Large Format Printers

Did you know I can copy and paste? I know it’s kind of hard to believe that I can, but it’s true. To prove it to you I present you some information I received recently from Epson about their new next generation large format printers. This is a product I don’t have room for, nor is it in my budget to get one but it would be nice to have one.

Catering directly to the printing needs of CAD/engineering/GIS, Epson today launched itsimage002 next-generation family of large-format color printers – the Epson® SureColor® T3270, T5270, T7270, T5270D, and T7270D.

The Epson® SureColor® T-Series is available in both single- and now dual-roll models, and incorporates the latest in printing technology to provide technical, corporate, marketing, and educational professionals with unparalleled precision, performance and brilliance.

In addition, the SureColor T-Series 36- and 44-inch printer models offer an optional multifunction (MFP) module, enabling PC-free full color scan and copy capabilities – up to 36-inches wide – at best-in-class speeds for added convenience.

Some additional highlights are:

There printer widths, my favorite is the 36 width and my nemesis is the evil 44 inch width that I sometimes get from Architects.

There is an optional upgrade for a scanner for the 36 and 44 inch sizes.

An option for an internal print server.


Max Width & Mode

Square Feet per Hour Print Speeds1

Optional MFP Module



SureColor T3270

24-inch single-roll




SureColor T5270

36- inch single-roll




SureColor T7270

44-inch single-roll




SureColor T5270D

36-inch dual-roll




SureColor T7270D

44-inch dual-roll




If you notice the above table, I also am showing of my awe inspiring html editing skills by changing the color of the header cells.

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