Monday, July 14, 2014

Profile Stationing

Have you ever wanted to show actual pipe lengths as the stationing values? This is usually done on long pipe work where the contractor and owner is more concerned about the total length of pipe rather then the length of pipe in the plan view. On large pipe line projects this may cause quite the discrepancy in the station values. There are new commands in the SincPac called the ProfileStationing comma ProfileStationingReplaceLabels to address this request.

The first step is to run the Profile Stationing command. This will take a profile and do station values based on the length of the profile as a function of station values. It takes into account vertical curves and tangents to figure out what the profile elevation should be to represent the station values. This profile may then be used as a reference in plan view labels in other profile labels.


As you attempt to adjust the or add the profile reference to the profile labels you might quickly recognize it is a major pain in the butt. Luckily the SincPac has a quicker way to populate the station values by utilizing the ProfileStationingReplaceLabels command. This will look into profile labels and replace what ever text is specified in the Text to Replace text box. The default is <Station>. You then create profile labels that contain the text to replace. When the command is run any instance of the value will be replaced with the referenced profile created in the ProfileStationing command.


Since you might have pipes as a reference as control you might want to use the PipeProfiles command to get a profile.

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