Saturday, August 15, 2015

Codes Based on Color

It would be great to visualize stuff in corridors based on their properties, such as length or offset from the centerline. Unfortunately Autodesk doesn’t agree and haven’t implemented the ability to create expressions to set how a link or point shows up in a corridor.

We can create this feature by either programming our own custom subassembly or using Subassembly Composer . The way I’d solve this in Subassembly Composer would be to create a temporary point and link. Using the temporary point and Link I’d then get the length of the link by using AP1.Length and then create a Define Variable to control what code should be used:


Then in Civil 3D I then add my link codes to the corridor code set style and Civil 3D should show the appropriate colors set in Subassembly Composer.

Here is a link to a Subassembly Composer subassembly that shows what it takes.

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