Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pipe Label–Dimension Look

A long time ago I did this post about getting a pipe label to look like a dimension.

It works as long as the pipe is on the alignment or equidistant from the alignment. If it isn’t then the dimension lines don’t match. In order to fix this we can modify the expression listed in the other post to:

ABS(({Pipe Start Station}-{Pipe End Station})/2/{Drawing Scale Conversion})

The rest of label is the same. Here is a link to the drawing.


Miroslav said...

Great! thx

Anonymous said...

Nice solution!
What if I need to label spanning pipe with a label that looks like this?

Christopher Fugitt said...

Not sure, I'd try to use to labels. One to represent the left side and pipe info and the other label to show the right side.


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