Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Draw Order Based on Layer

I just found a new command to me. I suspect it's been in Civil 3D for a while. While it doesn't solve the issue of things being in the wrong draw order, it does provide a way to quickly put things in the correct draw order by layer. The command is called aeclayerorder (LayerOrder also works) and is an AutoCAD Architecture command. Civil 3D is built on top of AutoCAD Architecture so it has the command.
Here is the help file of the command:
Essentially type aeclayerorder at the command line and then order the layers in the list to the desired order. The layers you want to be on the bottom go to the bottom of the list. Then pressing OK will reset the draw order of objects. So easy to control draw order by layers!

Before, hatch is in front of line:


After, hatch is behind line:


Once the layers are ordered it takes like 3 clicks to get everything back in order.


R.K. McSwain said...

Nice one Chris!

M. Porter said...

Mine isn't working that way. No matter which order I put the layers in the dialog box, the objects stay in the same order in CAD or print preview.
I wonder if there is another variable that needs set first?

Christopher Fugitt said...

Any particular object types involved?

Unknown said...

I was hoping this could be used to send corridor shapes, e.g. in assembly layout view, to the back. This would allow text labels to appear on top and tooltips for links and points to become visible. But after doing this and moving my mouse over a link, the shaded shape takes preference for the tooltip, the only option is to remove the shading which I would like to keep.


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