Sunday, April 07, 2024

Trimble Access Development

  • Ask for access from Trimble and install Trimble Installation Manager and include the API
  • Add Android path to the "PATH" system environment. The path should be checked to make sure it is correct. This will make it so the code will compile. It might be a setting I missed, but if Visual Studio indicates it can't find something, then add the path to the file locations. 
  • Modify Visual Studio for Android and Windows development for c++ if it doesn't already exists. 
  • If the install is on a server, install Wireless LAN from the Server Manager program, You know this is required if starting Trimble Access emulator says it can't find the "WLANAPI.dll" file.
  • If you make a mistake, make sure to clean and then rebuild. Otherwise, it will not copy all of the files properly. 
  • If there are copy file errors, then change the post build event to use "ByPass" instead of "unrestricted"
    powershell -executionpolicy ByPass -file "$(ProjectDir)CreateTimXml.ps1" -outfile "$(OutDir)$(TargetName).timxml" -lib "$(TargetFileName)" $(TimXmlProperties)

    • You might need to restart your computer and/or restart Visual Studio to get the projects to build and possibly clean the project and then build the code. Stuff appears to get cached which prevents things from working correctly using c++.

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