Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Trimble Access - X

 The Trimble Access SDK really sets one up for success in making you fully aware that there are other languages spoken than English. They set up all of their sample code to to have XCodes which are used to translate any string to the appropriate language.

Unfortunately, the SDK documents have not been updated and some of the sample code solutions do not contain the required *XCodes.h files. This post explains how to create them. 

The first step is to find the location of the TransitApp.exe folder. In my case it is in this folder: 

"C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Survey Core API v23.10\Tools\TransItApp.exe"

In the same folder is a file called "ApiLanguageTool.exe". The "ApiLanguageTool.exe" allows you to run a command line prompt to process the file. I'm not a big fan of command line tools, so I probably don't know all of the tricks. Here are my steps.

  • Go to the start menu and type cmd and select the Command 
  • Type cd and paste the path of the exe location. This makes it so the command line can find the program.

  • You can then type ApiLanguageTool.exe ? to see what options are available. 

  • This will let you know the format the program is looking for. 
  • Then paste in the information. In this case, I'm creating the XCodes for the HowToSample solution. 

  • I didn't include the .h, but I should have to the XCodes name. The program will then process the tdb file and place it in the desired location. In my case, I needed to go back and make the change.
It does appear one should be able to run the "TransitApp.exe" directly and get a UI, but on my computer it was failing.


Anonymous said...

Your feedback is welcome at Trimble.

We were unaware of the problems with Transit.exe (now TransitApp.exe) most likely because this installation is rarely used for plugin translations in-house.
The crash will be fixed in the next release (a dll was missing from the installation) and the documentation has been updated.

The sample plugins are another story - we do attempt to update them but it's a never-ending job for very little return. The sample source code in them should still work in your own plugins, however.

I should also mention that the ApiLanguageTool is designed for use by the Visual Studio project build process rather than by you on the command line. Using the project creation wizards will generate a project (Windows or Android) will create a working plugin in a couple of minutes.

Lindsay / Trimble Inc.

Christopher Fugitt said...


The information for the ApiLanguageTool is in the SDK help file, I didn't see it because I was focussed on the section mentioned in the post:

Lindsay said...

Fair enough. I've been reviewing the documentation and fixing up all those little inaccuracies that creep in over time.

Thanks for the feedback.


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