Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Command Reminders

I'm throwing away my post it attached to my computer with reminder commands and putting it here for later use.

Set to 0 for regen each time
Set to 1 for cached view

Alt-0160 For a null character in a field (Gets rid of an error in a field that hasn't been set, ie the second line of a sheet title using the custom properties in Sheet Set Manager.)

Changes from giving coordinates to original values typed into the command line. Don't know if it affects dynamic input. Use one of the lower values, set to 2.

Use when the program changes these values to 0.

To have a second line text in dimensions.

Just the settings the office prefers.


Changes the mirror to actually mirror text, or mirror text so the text is legible.

Turns on and off the Map task pane.

Converts the drawing from a ctb plot style to an stb plot style or the other way around.

Change all of the Blocks in a drawing to unitless:
(vl-load-com)(vlax-for x(vla-get-Blocks(vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))(vlax-put-property x "Units" 0))
Copy and paste it into the command line and it will change all of the blocks to unitless. If the 0 is changed to 1 then the blocks are changed to inches, 2 is feet, 3 is miles, 4 is mm, 5 is cm, 6 is meters, 7 is km, 8 is microinches, 9 is mils, 10 is yards, 11 is Angstroms, 12 is nanometers, 13 is microns, 14 is decimeters, 15 is Dekameters, 16 is Hectometers, 17 is Gigameters, 18 is Astronomical Units, 19 is Light Years, 20 is Parsecs.

ATTSYNC - Update block attributes.

Reset User Profile and Settings:

Default Template Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher.Fugitt\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D 2010\enu\Template

PLINETYPE Allows you to draw Polyline2D, change the values.

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