Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sewer Lateral Code

This un-QA-QC'd code works on my one computer and one drawing that I have tried it on. It may not work for you.

For it to work it requires that all of the pipes involved have alignments assigned. See the pipe rules post for an easy way to assign an alignment as you layout a pipe network horizontally.

Once started you will be prompted to select a sewer lateral pipe. This will select the pipe and the program will use the pipe network the pipe is in. I separate the main line and sewer laterals into two pipe networks. This is so the laterals don't break the main line pipes when I am laying them out. Then select a main line pipe. It will then adjust any pipes in the sewer laterals pipe network that have an offset of +/- 1' from a main line alignment's pipe. It adjust it so the invert of the lateral pipe is at the top of the pipe. If you want to match another part of main line pipe, just adjust the code to put it where you want. The code is in two spots near the end of the code.

The code may take a while depending on how many pipes are in the network. This is mainly because I am not an expert programmer. The file can be found here, Laterals.dvb.

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