Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Extending Linework to an Edge

This is one that is hidden in help. When you right click in model space an option comes up for AEC Modify Tools. There is several options in the list, but the one I am talking about today is the Extend option.
The AEC Modify Tool > Extend allows you to extend to an object, similar to the basic Autocad extend, except this one alows you to extend to a plane of the target edge. It's kind of hard to explain in word so the following pictures should show feature.

The original two lines, I am going to extend the blue line to the edge of the red line.

Choose the AEC Modify Tools>Extend

Select the lines you want extended, then press enter, then choose the edge to extend to:

Select a point near the end you want extended:
Result of the command:

This also works the same way as the regular extend command. Another benefit of using this is that if you select multiple lines to extend you only have to click once to get all of the them to extend to the edge. No using fence, selecting each one, etc...

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