Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crossing Profile Label – Almost done

I’ve been working on creating a crossing profile label that is dynamic to a pipe. If the pipe moves the label will move to the invert of the crossing pipe in profile. The video below shows the label reacting.

Unfortunately I was unable to use a profile view label since the location of the label isn’t exposed in the API. In it’s place is a MLeader. As the label is updated the contents of the pipe label is changed based on the station and elevation of the invert and the inner diameter of the pipe. I’m having a problem with the labels updating when the data shortcuts are involved. If the source file has changed it doesn’t always reflect the change as shown in the screencast above. Have any suggestions for improvement? Send me an email or leave a comment.


Justin Ralston said...

Nice job Chris keep up the good work

Justin Ralston

dmanning said...

We don't reference pipe networks so his would work perfectly in our setup without any improvement.

Peter T said...

You are what we would call here in the south of New Zealand..."a clever wee bugger"...

I cannot supply any thoughts on programming solution for the data shortcut problem.

Well done.

Good Luck.

Peter Thomson.


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