Friday, June 11, 2010

Autodesk AEC Headquarters’ First Floor Men’s Bathroom

In a previous post I highlighted the storm water drainage system at the Autodesk AEC Headquarters. Today I decided to take a tour of the Men’s restroom. I thought it was time the bathroom gets it’s rightful publicity. The only publicity I saw in regard to the bathrooms at this location was a vague reference to water efficient fixtures. For a room that’s so integral to the safety of the occupants, I can’t believe more people don’t publicize their bathrooms.

The entry door is your standard entrance door to a bathroom, complete with kick plate and signage.


The handicap stall is spacious with grab bars that look compliant with ADA requirements. Though I didn’t get out my tape measure to make sure.


In addition to the handicap stall there are two smaller water closet spaces with bathroom tissue dispensers and toilet protective covers.



Also included is a waterless urinal. In addition to not using water to remove the waste from the device, it has a bee icon. I assume this is where one is supposed to aim while relieving ones self.


I also heard today that Cisco has a similar device in their restroom, although they don’t have the stylish yellow strainer.

The water closets also have dual flush valves. Push up for light waste and down for more troublesome wastes.



In addition the lavatories have automatic soap dispensers and faucets.



It’s kind of hard to see, but the faucet appears to be solar powered.

For the drying of hands an automatic paper towel dispenser is available along with a waste disposal basket. To the right is a hand sanitizer dispenser. It’s interesting that they didn’t go with a high velocity air hand dryer to cut down on paper waste.


Overall the bathroom had nice finishes and appeared to be kept clean. I’d would have taken pictures of the women’s bathroom, but males usually aren’t welcome to enter there. So instead I’ll provide a picture of the door which is similar to the men’s room.



Anonymous said...

This is an interesting post and I am sure it will help a lot of Civil 3D user to understand better the functionality of the software.

Earl Kubaskie said...

Sorry, Mouse, not really a Civil 3D item.

Such facilities are located within structures, past the mysterious "cleanout" and into the domain of the "archies" - identifiable by the absence of the decimal point in their representation of measurements.

Some civil laws of nature still apply in that realm, but Civil 3D users are severely limited by the alternate physical laws found within, such as the absence of the integer "13" (and the occasional insertion of the integer "M" between 1 and 2) and the space-warp that makes "unit-and-one-half" values equal to the full next-integral unit value.

There have been civils able to make the ideological leap of "fractions", and a RARE few have mastered the quantum "2x4", but to date none have survived the symbolic transformation of "W" linework from "water" into "waste" - making much more admirable Chris' bravery in exploration & documentation so close to the danger zone!


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