Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Superelevation Report – Part 4

To finish up the report I need to check to see if the description is empty. This way I can add a nonbreaking space to have a value added to the table and to get a border shown correctly.


I also need a way to convert the SuperElem.TransPointType to a string. To do this I’ll create a new function and create a dictionary of all of the possible values and then check to see if it exists in the dictionary. If it doesn’t exist I’ll return “Invalid”.


There are occasions when the superelevation data doesn’t exist on the alignment to prevent any error messages I’ll check to see if the point is located on the alignment.


I’ll still output the information of the superelevation point, but I’ll return “Not on Alignment” instead of nothing. No running the code the report looks acceptable. Some additional formatting could be done, but it’s mostly complete.


The completed report code and dll may be downloaded here: It’s only going to be saved a year after the last viewing, so it may not be there forever.


Nathan said...

Hi Chris, would it be possible to get this report?



zipwam said...

HI, can please upload the file. Thanks

Christopher Fugitt said...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find my copy of it.


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