Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Line Labels

Have you created your profile view and profile labels only to find that the last or first segment is missing a line label? The cause of this is often the anchor point of the text label component is set to the midpoint of the tangent.
In order to always get it to show up, and not to use a separate label style, utilize a line label component set to be hidden. For the anchors of the hidden line use the Anchor Tangent Start In View and Anchor Tangent End In View.
Now set the text label component to the middle of the HiddenLine.
Now the label will show up in all of the views.
Look in the comments for a case where this doesn't work, split profiles.


Brian Hailey said...

I tried doing the same thing for one of my clients. Unfortunately, if the tangent crosses a split point on the profile view, it goes totally wonkers.

Anonymous said...

Here is a similar solution on YouTube:


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