Monday, September 13, 2010

Selection Set Utility

If you miss the functionality of the Selection Set Builder in Land Desktop then you may want to check out the Sincpac which now includes this functionality.


I never used the utility in LDT, but I have read of several requests for this functionality. I’ve spent some time thinking about creating it in the past, but never got around to creating it. Now I don’t have to because someone else has done it.

The Build Selection Set is similar to Quick Select, but you can run different queries at the same time. For instance if you wanted to select all circles that are red in the drawing you’d have to run the Quick Select command twice, first to select circles and next to exclude all circles that are not red. With the Build Selection Set utility you can run the query once from the dialog box. Additionally one can select the property check marks on the left and then pick an object and the properties of the object will be populated into the current selection criteria making it easy to create a selection based on a certain object.

To find more information about the command look at this page.

Disclosure: I’ve been provided access to the Sincpac without fee, but this post was not requested by the developer’s of the Sincpac, I just thought you might like to know it exists.

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