Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Station Equation IDs and Civil 3D 2012

You may want to do something crazy and indicate which station equation is applicable in an alignment’s Major Station Equation with a letter instead of a number. Such as shown below, Station 5+00 is within the a station equation and Station 6+00 is within the b station equation.


To get them to show up change the station equation identifier from the default number to the appropriate letter.


Then add the Station ID label component into the label.

Now I don’t really have any news regarding Civil 3D 2012. I just thought I’d mention it to give Google something to link people to instead of the old post. Historically Civil 3D is released after AutoCAD and AutoCAD is released historically around April. So if you are looking for information regarding Civil 3D 2012 come back to the blog in April where I’ll probably have a post or two on the new features.

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Earl Kubaskie said...

Chris, how the heck do you DO that? I swear, today is like the 5th time I've clicked my way to your blog and your latest post covers a question I have grappled with over the last 24 hours. Station equations are a tricky feature, and my current project is the first time I've ever needed them. Thanks!


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