Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Scream for Ice Cream

I had big plans to do a Civil 3D related post tonight, unfortunately imageI got sidetracked on the way and ended up catching a show and some ice scream at Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab. The show was great, got to learn about the irreverent history of ice cream from Bert and Ernie. They must only hire people named Bert or Ernie because every show I've been to has Bert and Ernie doing it, even the girls. Heard some great bad jokes and evidently most world conflicts have been a result of the secret of making ice cream, not quite sure if Gaza or Israel need the secret of making ice cream but here it is.

"Add salt to the ice to drop the temperature of the ice surrounding the container"

A quick search of the Internet should result in a suitable recipe, if required I'll send my ice cream machine over.

During the ice cream lab show the audience gets to make and name a new ice cream flavor. The ice cream flavor for this show ended up being Poison Apple Pie which has apple ice cream as a base and marshmallows, walnuts and pie crust. If that sounds good to you the flavor goes on sale from Friday until it runs out.

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