Monday, September 07, 2009

Sewer Lateral Program

The 50th post of this blog was a post on Sewer Lateral Code. Dana Probert, over at BIM on the Rocks, provided a link to the post a couple of weeks back. Since I guess someone out there is using the code I thought I’d update it.

In this version an alignment assigned to the lateral and the mainline pipes isn’t required. There is also an option to choose if the laterals adjust to the Invert, Center or Top of the mainline pipe. Another optional feature is being able to set the minimum, maximum and cover at the other end of the lateral. The minimum cover calculation uses the surface assigned to the pipe, if the pipe slope exceeds the maximum slope, it is adjusted to match the maximum slope. If a surface is not assigned then the slope of the pipe is changed to match the minimum slope.

Here’s a short video of the code in action:

If you ever used the original code you will find this quicker and have more options. The code is in vb.NET and built for Civil 3D 2010 (it could be changed to work in an earlier version). Email me if you are interested in purchasing the program (trying to sell my way to AU since trading my way to AU didn’t work too well).

The original code is still free, to get it to work in a newer version of Civil 3D update the references.

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