Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Create Detached Surface

Back in April I did a post urging people to stop exploding grading objects. Today I noticed an easier way to create a detached surface.


Use the Create Detached Surface on the Grading Creation Tools. Select the button and then the grading group. A surface based on the grading group will be created. Much easier than the way I blogged about before and giving you less of a reason to explode grading objects.


Jason Ellis said...

So this is a surface that is defined by the grading object but not dynamically linked to it? If yes, that's cool.

However, if that is the case and there is no link between the two after the detached surface has been created, why would I leave the potentially drawing corrupting grading object in the drawing? Isn't it safer to just explode, or better yet, delete it?


Christopher Fugitt said...

The surface is defined by the grading, but not dynamically linked. I'd create the detached surface and then delete the grading. You can then use the detached surface to paste into your finished grade surface.


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