Friday, December 04, 2009

Trip From AU 2009

Autodesk University is over and I’ve made the trip to my next destination. On the way back from Las Vegas I made some stops. First up was visiting the Aliens in Baker, CA. 


The Aliens serve up free jerky samples from their market.


Not quite sure why they came all the way from outer space to set up a market in Baker, CA. Maybe it was the world’s largest thermometer which is near by.


The next stop on my journey was a stop in Barstow at the Harvey House. Harvey House used to be a train station with a restaurant called Harvey House. Today Harvey House houses a railroad museum, visitor’s center and a Highway 66 museum. Space is available if you want to lease space there. Mention my name when inquiring about leasing and receive a questioning stare.  100_0201

In the railroad museum I learned people collected date nails. The picture below explains what date nails are.


I arrived at the The Mother Road Route 66 Museum near closing time, so I didn’t get to explore it too much.


Here’s a picture of the building from the other side.


From Harvey House you can see Barstow’s movie drive-in. I wasn’t able to stop and see a movie though. The drive in has two screens, each shows a double feature nightly. Today’s movies were The Blind Side/Ninja Assassin and Old Dogs/The Twilight Saga: New Moon. During the winter the box office opens at 6 pm.


And finally I’ve got some random fast food trivia for you. Barstow, California was the birthplace of both Taco Bell and Del Taco. Here’s a picture of the home of Del Taco, now open at 6 am for breakfast.


Also interesting is that both now have their company headquarters' in Orange County, California.

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