Wednesday, May 15, 2019

AU Idea: Theater Talk

Simply a note for future reference. Feel free to ignore or vote when AU 2019 Las Vegas proposals are voted on.

Title for Your Theater Talk: Reimagining Civil 3D Corridor Targeting

Describe the focus of your Theater Talk:

Corridor Targets assignment in Civil 3D is laborious, repetitive, and not intelligent. What if the process could be elevated from a simple one at a time process, to one that allows for multiple targets to be applied simultaneously? This talk talks about the development of such a tool. It starts with the initial brainstorming ideas and goes through the development process. I'll talk about what ideas were added and/or dropped from the tool. The talk will explore how filtering of drawing data available for targeting, sorting all of the applied assemblies into groups and subgroups of subassemblies, and pattern matching was used to reduce the time it takes to assign corridor targeting by more than 50%.

Theme of Presentation:
Work Reimagined - What We Do, How We Do

Class Focus:
Thought leadership and innovation

Link to a sample presentation you have made:

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