Monday, June 25, 2007

Combining Pipe Networks

To combine pipe networks export the network you want to put into another pipe network to an xml file. Next delete the just exported pipe network and rename the pipe network to the name of the exported pipe network. Then import the xml file back into the drawing. The pipe network will now be combined. This also works with pipe networks in different files.

When you do this make sure the pipes and structures have different names or change them after you do the import. Having pipes or structures of the same name will cause problems in the drawing.


Unknown said...

I have tried doing this with a few modifications. First I have three pipe networks I need to combine. So I exported each into a separate XML file and then created a new XML file and consolidated all of the pipes and structures into the new file. So far so good. But when I try to import the XML file my pipes do not show up and my structures appear as NullStructures (without the "S" for sanitary). All of the data is there and correct it is just displayed improperly. I tried to follow the method here with the same problem. Civil 3D does give me errors saying "Multiple Part Families" for each object when I import, but the data is still there so it should be drawing it.

Christopher Fugitt said...

If you email me the XML files or dwg files I can take a look at it.

For the Multiple Part Families make sure they are pointing to the correct parts library. It may be the cause of the error. See the best practices paper for more information:


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