Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sewer Lateral Layout

Here is a way to layout sewer laterals with Civil 3D to use as line work in a base file. It assumes you have an alignment at your pipe centerline.

  1. First create a dynamic block or use the one found here.
  2. Add the label to a line and curve label, I have created a sample at the same location in step 1.
  3. Add the label at the locations along the alignment where you want the laterals to go.
  4. Flip any labels to the other side of the line or have two styles on for left and one for right.
  5. Make any adjustments you need to make.
  6. Explode the line and curve labels twice.
  7. If you are using Civil 3D you will need to save, close and reopen the drawing. Civil 3D 2007 crashes when you try to move a grip of the dynamic block. Civil 3D 2008 tends to like this a little more.
  8. Move the grips to the property line or whatever location the lateral needs to go to.

There may be other unforeseen problems, but should save step in rotating each sewer lateral block.

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