Sunday, June 10, 2007

Google Analytics

Since I seem to be a sucker for Google products I added the code for Google Analytics to this site. I just added it on June 4, but I am amazed at what type of information it provides. I can tell where all of the viewers are coming from, how many pages they saw, what browser they are using and much more.

Its really eye opening to see where Civil 3D users are that visit the site, or visit it accidentally. So far a total of 21 countries are represented:

United States - Canada - Costa Rica - Peru - Spain - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Italy - Serbia and Montenegro - Germany - Belgium - Netherlands - United Kingdom - Romania - India - Iran - Malaysia - Isreal - South Korea - Australia - New Zealand - Kenya

Most of the viewers are from the United States though, with 25 states and the District of Columbia represented, mostly from California though.

Most of the users where refered by

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