Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back Side of Water

I'm not sure if the back side of water joke ever gets old, at least it didn't when me and my daughter went on the Jungle Cruise ride three times in a row.

This tip is for figuring out when is the best time to visit Disneyland. I think the blackout dates for the Annual Passes are a good indicator of when not to go. The annual passes are set up to allow the pass holder to visit Disneyland on various days, but other days are blacked out and the pass can't be used on those days. Disneyland has four pass types currently and range from 195 blackout days to no blackout days. I think when you can use the Southern California Select pass that would be a good day to visit Disneyland. The crowds shouldn't be that big and getting on the less popular rides is easier. For instance the wait for the Jungle Cruise was about five minutes today, I've seen the line take over an hour. The short wait time provided the opportunity to go on the Jungle Cruise three times in a row in under an hour.

Another tip when visiting Disneyland is to get there early. Not only are the lines shorter, sometimes the rides are longer. For instance the Carousel ride seemed to last forever early in the day. Later in the day the Carousel ride was noticeably shorter. If your going to stay the whole day save the popular rides to the end. Usually the lines are a lot shorter and you'll get the opportunity to go on more rides instead of sitting in multiple hour long lines.

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