Saturday, September 06, 2008

Go Mustangs

Well since most people don't frequent this blog on the weekend, I'd thought I do some random posts on the weekend for this month.

Tonight I went to the No. 11 Mustangs vs. No. 5 Grizzlies football game at Cal Poly with my oldest daughter. The Grizzlies pulled out the win in a squeaker when the Cal Poly kicker missed a field goal in the closing seconds of the game. The kicker did good last week when he hit a field goal with no time left on the clock verses San Diego State University. My daughter did behaved pretty well, besides getting bored a little bit. Playing some counting games and I Spy kept her distracted for quite a while. She also liked dancing the dead space music. Hopefully Cal Poly can win some more games the year and make the football playoffs.

Next week Cal Poly travels to McNeese State in Louisiana next week.

And now to tie it into Civil Engineering, the wide receivers/slot back/recruiting coordinator has both a masters and PHD in Civil Engineering and there always seems to be some Civil Engineering majors on the football team. This current team has at least three players with Civil Engineering as a major. I tried to see what number of Civil Engineering majors where at UCLA or USC, but neither lists what major the players where on their rosters online. I guess that would indicate that and education isn't the priority at those programs. Considering that not all the players don't make the pros it should be.

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