Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Civil 3D 2009 VBA Customization

Intermittently over the last 6 months I've been working on vBook that covers Civil 3D 2009 VBA customization. The book is mostly a reference book for the methods and properties of the various objects that are available to use in Civil 3D with examples of at least one way to use them. I found that when I was starting with VBA programming in Civil 3D the hardest thing to do was to figure out how to use the methods and properties. Hopefully if you purchase the book it will reduce the time it takes to figure out how to use the API.

There are also some step by step videos on how to set up a VBA project and example code, some new and some taken from this blog. If your interested in purchasing the book, you can do so at this link.

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